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The marriage horoscope

A composite chart is an evolution of the synastry principle and reveals deeper layers of information resulting from a combination of two natal (or any other) charts. Here you and your partner are considered as a whole, as a single living organism. This chart is very important for long unions, because it allows you to look at the couple from all sides, revealing various areas of life: social behavior, finance, real estate, etc. This is very interesting. Sometimes people enter into relationships and influence each other badly, losing property or money. Or vice versa, there is a formula for wealth, then a joint business, for example, brings big dividends. Here, for example, we can answer the question of how to be spouses, work in different companies or create a common business? And not only.

P.S. For professional astrologers: if the 2nd house of the chart is strong and there are many aspectual connections (even negative and, at the same time, harmonious) with elements of other houses, then this can be understood as the “Formula of wealth”.

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