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Why do I need an individual horoscope?
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If you do not have the time or opportunity to study astrology yourself, but you want to make the right decisions and use the best-case scenario - an individual horoscope is a must. Even just knowing what you now have a period, you will already be able to make the right decision. For example, if the period of tense, then you there is a strong desire to buy, say, a house to take some action. In this case, be active, and even more, to make decisions, you can not! They will oshiobochny and lead to negative consequences. On the positive, the same period, we have, as a rule, on the contrary, very relaxing - and all so good, why do something else. Here you need to be active, because there are new and exciting opportunities. Really change your life can and should be - most importantly, do it wisely. 

Below is a compilation of two variants of the individual horoscopes - with or without rectification.
Rectification horoscope. What this?
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Rectification is a special technique, which allows the astrologer to find out your exact birth time down to the second. It is based on the collective data analysis of all the important events that already took place in a person’s life. It is a very complex task, as the astrologer has to check in with each situation that already happened, and confirm its connection to the estimated birth time. But finding out the right birth time is really worth the effort. Why is it so important? Exact birth time is the only thing that guarantees it is REALLY YOUR CHART. Only when you know your birth time precisely to the second, you can get a 100% accurate forecast. Otherwise there can be mistakes and uncertainty. To make it clear: a 4 min inaccuracy in your birth time can cause a forecast inaccuracy up to a year. 

This is the reason why individual chart reading, which includes rectification, is more expensive. But “better safe than sorry”: it’s better to once pay for the rectification than deal with numerous inaccurate forecasts. Please be aware that having your chart reading based on approximate birth time can lead to false results, especially in prognostication of future events.

So, we recommend you start with your General Chart Reading with Rectification. It is done once and for life. Studying your individual chart will help you better understand your overall energetic structure, needs and potential. Later, you can add on a yearly forecast, which will help you get ready for the coming challenges. 

About the astrologer
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Anna Raight is a professional astrologer with a master degree in astrology. But this is not what matters the most. The key to a deep reading is experience. The more experienced an astrologer is, the better they can apply their knowledge to real-case situations and give you some truly valuable spiritual guidance. Finding a qualified enough astrologer maybe as much of a challenge as finding a medical practitioner you can fully trust.  Anna has more than 10 years of practical experience, 5 of which she has been also teaching astrology. Normally Anna consults online, but if you happen to be somewhere close to her location (she travels a lot), she will gladly see you in person. Followthe link to read the clients' feedback on working with Anna.