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Why do I need an individual horoscope?
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If you do not have the time or opportunity to study astrology yourself, but you want to make the right decisions and use the best-case scenario - an individual horoscope is a must. Even just knowing what you now have a period, you will already be able to make the right decision. For example, if the period of tense, then you there is a strong desire to buy, say, a house to take some action. In this case, be active, and even more, to make decisions, you can not! They will oshiobochny and lead to negative consequences. On the positive, the same period, we have, as a rule, on the contrary, very relaxing - and all so good, why do something else. Here you need to be active, because there are new and exciting opportunities. Really change your life can and should be - most importantly, do it wisely. 

Below is a compilation of two variants of the individual horoscopes - with or without rectification.
Rectification horoscope. What this?
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Rectification horoscope - a special technique, which allows the astrologer to calculate the exact time of birth, up to seconds. It is based on the verification of all the events that have already occurred in a person's life to date. If an astrologer can not see at least one event - this means that the wrong time and he will look for it (time) as long as no figure out exactly to seconds. This is time-consuming work, but it's worth it if you want to use this information effectively. Not for entertainment, but for the benefit. Why is this so important? 

The fact that only the accuracy of the time of birth determines that the particular horoscope yours and not someone else's. And it will give a 100% result if time is calculated correctly. In other cases - will be errors and mistakes. For clarity - the error in the time of birth just 4 minutes, gives the displacement of the forecast for the whole year! 

For this reason, the cost of individual horoscopes with rectification is significantly higher than without it. But here, as they say, is better once and accurately than "plentiful and cheap." Also, getting horoscope without rectification (not only on our site, but also fell in love elsewhere), you should be aware of the high probability of false positives, especially in the field of prediction of events. 

As an astrologer, I recommend to start with a general analysis of the Horoscope - it is done once and for all life. With it, you will be able to handle many situations. And then, every year, to make a prediction for 1 year. 

Our team consists of only qualified astrologers.
About the astrologer
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Астрологический прогноз выполняется профессиональным астрологом, магистром астрологических наук Анной Райт. Анна составляет гороскоп и анализирует его в соотвествии с запросом. Не только от знаний, но и от опыта зависит качество составленного гороскопа. Хороший астролог - это всегда большая удача, также, как и хороший врач! Анна консультирует уже более 10 лет и преподает последние 5. Консультация ведется в онлайне, но, если вы проживаете в Москве, то возможна живая встреча. Кроме того, Анна много путешествует - есть шанс "перехватить" ее в какой-то стране. Отзывы астролога можно прочитать здесь: https://astroforyou.ru/ru/reviews