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Forecast for today (transit now)

The basic method, the simplest at its core, used by all astrologers involved in predictive practice, is the transit method. It allows you to interpret the current influence of the bodies that are actually in the sky at the time of the analyzed event.

The fact is that the natal aspects (the position of the planets with which a person is born) do not work constantly, but are switched on by transit planets. These situations of a peculiar “on” and “off” natal aspects by transit planets give a wide polyphony of human states.

Attitude to transits - as a trigger mechanism for events whose essence stems from the internal development of planetary symbols. Here is a word that can be easily remembered as a trigger or an event trigger. Here we understand why transits do not constitute the causes of the event, while progressions activate the state of consciousness. So if they said that a person goes on a trip using the condition of his Horoscope of Birth, then transit would be the transport on which you will eat, and progression - the impulse that pushes you on the road. Thanks to one or another forecasting method, a clock and a calendar appear in the Horoscope of Birth, indicating the direction of changes taking place in a person, as well as the time of their formation.

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