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Natal chart

Welcome to AstroForYou.org!

This is an astrological service, which aims to help you discover deeper layers to your life, from psychology, compatibility analysis to future events prediction.

We provide high quality service only, that is why on our website you will never find any "newspaper-style” horoscopes.

For those of you who are ready to dive into the mystery of their true self, we offer the "Study your chart" section, where you can not only get to understand your psychological traits better, but also learn to predict events of your life! No generalisations, your unique individual chart only!

All basic-level information is open for free, information levels from 1 to 3 are paid for, since every next level consists of more detailed and complicated calculations. You can always find out more about paid services at “Payment Plans and Regulations” .

We also happy to introduce you to our one-of-a-kind exclusive services of your Lucky Location Analysis © and Reality Management (c). These two unique services will help you create special charts, showing you the consequence of events, originally programmed in your life system from the day of your birth, as well as your opportunities to correct it through relocation.

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And ... wish you a meaningful journey!!!

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