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5000 years ago Hermes Tricmegist invented the so-called Formula of Happiness and Formula of Unhappiness. He believed that every person had places, which could have positive or negative effects on their psychology and perception. “Unhappy” places can affect people in a way, when they lack vitality, feel depressed, have a tendency for different addictions, can get involved in different misfortunate or even tragic events. On the contrary, “Happy” places can help you always feel good, optimistic, energetic and powerful. It is important to understand, that when we use the term “Happy/ Unhappy Place” we only refer to your psychological condition, the way you feel about yourself and the outer world, it doesn’t mean that a “Happy Place” can protect you from negative events. However, a “Happy Place” gives you the kind of psychological support, that strengthens your resistance to any negative conditions.

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