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9 months ago
Will me and my ex get back together ?
Hello there. This is not fortune-telling, but astrological races that cannot be done without birth data. Here we do not answer questions related to forecasting, since they require accurate rectified time as well as time-consuming forecasting. However, to get an idea of ​​the quality of your relationship, we recommend that you use the service of our site: Love Compatibility. There you can find out about the quality of your relationships, whether they have an unhappy tinge of karma and indications of a 100% breakup.
In addition, you can always contact us for a personal consultation.
9 months ago
9/12/1986 7:08pm creve coEur,mO. Will i get married
Where did you born and where do you live?
11 months ago
Nikol - Plovdiv,bULGARIA - 10:35aM Tell me something you see in first sight. i dont have a specific question,i'm interested in what catches your eye as an astrologer. have a nice day ;)
What is your data of birth?
11 months ago
Will i meet lauren jaUregui from miami ? 30 januAry 1994 12:10PM lyon france
Hello there!

It's not a fortune-telling. We can not say if you will meet any specific person, we can make a forecast and see what kind of period you have, and when your love relationship will be started. But for this purpose it has to be accurate time (after rectification). Also we can check your compatibility with any person and tell you if it worths it. You can check love compatibility by yourself too here: 
14 months ago
Will my love life get better soon? Veselina 03.07.1991,17:30 Born in Pazardzhik Bulgaria. Now live in Nurnberg, Germany
Hello Veselina,

First of all I have to tell you that the decision to move from Pazardzhik was very correct for you according to problems with law.
But talking about love life Nurnberg is not that good for you either. It's really difficult for you there to be in long-term relationship. I highly recommend you to find more favourable city to move at this regard.
You also need to build a relationship with your father, as this experience greatly influences the subject of relationships in your life. In addition, you yourself are prone to a break in relationships, i.e. tolerance and loyalty must be cultivated. And try not to build "castles in the air" in relation to partners, otherwise you will be constantly disappointed.
In your horoscope, you have indications of a partner from afar (foreigner).

We can help you to find a good city to move to. Express analysis of one city for all key parameters (relationships, money, health, danger, etc.) costs $15.

Also, you can independently select cities according to various parameters in the Event Formulas section:https://astroforyou.org/en/independed/event-formula

29 months ago
Hello, I would like to ask if you can tell by synastry if i am about to meet this person? and if yes, when? my data:(f)28.12.1981 8am priboj, serbia his data:13.01.1983. 02:40pm maribor, slolvenia
Hello Milica, 

Your question could be answered only with forecasting. All questions "when" are always about the prediction. You can write me to anna.astroforyou@gmail.com and I'll tell you more how we can work with it. 
First of all you can check the compatibility by yourself via our calculator "Love Compatibility". The information what you'll see there is accurate and you can see all aspects during the time.