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Alex Russell
15 months ago
I have a quick question for you. IF YOU ARE COMPLETING A RELOCATION CHART FOR A CITY IN A STATE AND THE RESULTS ARE NOT GOOD. dOES THAT MEAN YOU CANT LIVE IN THAT STATE? or are you able to try another city within the same state to see if the results change?
Since each horoscope is individual, for someone moving to a neighboring city in one state will not give any special changes, while for someone it’s the other way around, the situation will greatly change the picture.

I recommend starting with the service Find your high luck location and excluding cities with Unhappiness Formulas, and then check the selected cities in the Event Formulas  section for specific indicators.

If you need the help of a professional astrologer in such an express analysis, then the cost of analyzing one city for all key parameters costs $15.
15 months ago
How about synastry with this man? He: 22nd October, 1979 in Ascoli Piceno (Italy)at 4.00 am. Me: 29th September, 1971 in Fermo (Italy) at9:30 am. Thank you.
In your relationship there is a strong attraction, passion, but at the same time, and fatigue from this intense energy. Sexually, there is not always complete satisfaction, and your needs as partners are different: your partner's sexual needs are much higher than yours. Also, you should pay attention that you can hurt your partner "to the quick." You have to try to be softer. You have no irreconcilable conflicts; with a common effort, you can resolve any disagreements.

In detail you can check compatibility with any man on our website: https://astroforyou.org/en/independed/synastry. Those indicators for analysis that you see on the site are the result of a 20-year experiment on thousands of married couples. The specific positions of the planets were identified, which affect the duration of relationships and their quality. We wish you a pleasant exploration!

If you will have some specific questions on analysis, you can always ask them to us. For personal consultations please write to anna.astroforyou@gmail.com. 
16 months ago
What is my soul path on the earth in this life? What is my mission here? 29/07/1996 10:05 am Tehran, Iran.
      In a past life you have worked out a program of fearlessness and pressure, individualism, such as in this life you should give up much that is familiar to you: from intolerance, rudeness, excessive impetuosity, activity, snobbery and you should not "push others away with elbows " rushing forward. You must rely on the best features of past experience, such as fearlessness, independence and willingness to help other people.
     You need to develop in yourself the traits associated with Libra, such as strive for balance, tranquility, justice, harmony in relations with people and the world around you, try never to rush in anything and not to be in the front line of events. You need to cultivate endurance, benevolence in yourself, remember that all their actions should be balanced, to be calm and wise. Your main bet is wisdom!
     And now more than ever in time you should apply the saying "One is not a warrior in the field" in your life. Learn to cooperate and interact, pay attention not only to your needs and goals but also to the needs and goals of your partners.

     Much more information you can read in the Karma section. 

25 months ago
Will me and my ex get back together ?
Hello there. This is not fortune-telling, but astrological races that cannot be done without birth data. Here we do not answer questions related to forecasting, since they require accurate rectified time as well as time-consuming forecasting. However, to get an idea of ​​the quality of your relationship, we recommend that you use the service of our site: Love Compatibility. There you can find out about the quality of your relationships, whether they have an unhappy tinge of karma and indications of a 100% breakup.
In addition, you can always contact us for a personal consultation.
25 months ago
9/12/1986 7:08pm creve coEur,mO. Will i get married
Where did you born and where do you live?
27 months ago
Nikol - Plovdiv,bULGARIA - 10:35aM Tell me something you see in first sight. i dont have a specific question,i'm interested in what catches your eye as an astrologer. have a nice day ;)
What is your data of birth?