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2 months ago

I'd like to thank Anna for being a wonderful teacher. I was looking for a scientific astrology that had a solid foundation. The system that Anna uses opened my eyes to real astrology. Before, I didn't really know the difference between Placidus and Koch systems, I didn't fully understand how the local chart works and what astrocartography is. Now, after 13 months of study, I have discovered a whole new world for myself. Anna uses the concept of event formulas, which is based on a huge amount of studies and experiments. And I just want to say that it's completely different from what you had in our market, it's much more scientific. I'm really glad I chose you. I'll recommend you to anyone who wants to become a professional astrologer. Best wishes, Ann

Katya Flash
3 months ago

Boundless thanks to Anna, for the work. I am shocked by how the prognosis and the displacement map work (Formulas of events, relocation). I never fully believed in it until I myself began to observe and use it somehow in my life. It is so clearly seen how important the space in which you live is, how certain aspects affect you. Now, this is a constant tool for improving the quality of life, relationships, the influence of energies at different points. Just a whole science. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wealth of information.

Nastya Sherb
3 months ago

Very interesting site! I like everything very much! It helps a lot in life. Thanks a lot to Anna!!!!!! Good luck!!!

Gabor Mihalik
4 months ago

Anna managed to reform Astrology in a good way. She mixes it with spirituality, and unearths hidden feelings, personality traits. Unlike many astrologist, she gaves you a full picture. She does not bother you with unneccesary facts, but focuses on the most important information yet still in a detailed manner. You feel she knows you very well. I'm very glad to read her work and all I can do is to recommend her to anyone. I feel delighted that I had the oppurtunity.

Tanya Milaya
4 months ago

Anna, thank you for viewing my couple. Thanks a lot. You have talent. And a special thank you for your kindness. Good luck to you and all the best and brightest in life.

Сергиенко Юлия Александровна
4 months ago

Anna, many thanks to you for your help, for viewing my situation))) Thank you for paying due attention))) Good luck and success