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Gabor Mihalik
39 months ago

Anna managed to reform Astrology in a good way. She mixes it with spirituality, and unearths hidden feelings, personality traits. Unlike many astrologist, she gaves you a full picture. She does not bother you with unneccesary facts, but focuses on the most important information yet still in a detailed manner. You feel she knows you very well. I'm very glad to read her work and all I can do is to recommend her to anyone. I feel delighted that I had the oppurtunity.

Ella Has
85 months ago

I'm very happy and lucky that I met Anna this year. All year, I had very hard time in my life that caused very negative emotional problems, consequently making me lost in everything - in professional life, and in personal relationship. I tried everything to fix the problems but nothing helped - everything made the situation worse. A couple months ago I met Anna. She not only helped me with her prognosis for a year, which helped me to see clearly the situation and decide where to go and what to do , but also helped me with her advice and directions. She was literally my psychologist who helped me to release emotions caused by stress. I'm so grateful to Anna that she helped me within a couple of month to see the whole picture, to determine what to do, and to have full of energy to succeed, reach my goals and dreams. I'm very lucky that I know such a great personality as Anna. P.S. The reason why I'm writing in English is that I live abroad and it's much easier for me.