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Амурова Надя
14 months ago

Amazing site! I was able to fully analyze my personality, studied the recommendations, made a forecast. The most informative site I have ever seen.

16 months ago

Thank you very much Anna for the forecast. The information accurately revealed the favourable and unfavourable periods of life. The time of birth was also corrected. Now I know exactly how to act in a given situation.

Анисимова Елена Андреевна
18 months ago

I would like to say a huge thank you to Anne for a well done job! The horoscope helped me a lot to think through all the steps and situations in the future! And most importantly, I now understand how and what I need to do to achieve my goal !!! Soon my husband will also turn to you Anna, because after the information you gave me, we understand that we can make our life much more correct and better!!! As they say "who knows, he is armed" !!!

Шевченко Ульяна
20 months ago

Many thanks to Anna, as a talented and patient teacher and astrologer! I took a one-year astrology course with her, including forecasting. I can say with confidence that this is one of the best investments I have made in myself and my future. I clarified a lot in myself, in relationships with people, even in the structure of the world)) I recommend it!

Katya Flash
22 months ago

Boundless thanks to Anna, for the work. I am shocked by how the prognosis and the displacement map work (Formulas of events, relocation). I never fully believed in it until I myself began to observe and use it somehow in my life. It is so clearly seen how important the space in which you live is, how certain aspects affect you. Now, this is a constant tool for improving the quality of life, relationships, the influence of energies at different points. Just a whole science. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wealth of information.

Gabor Mihalik
54 months ago

Anna managed to reform Astrology in a good way. She mixes it with spirituality, and unearths hidden feelings, personality traits. Unlike many astrologist, she gaves you a full picture. She does not bother you with unneccesary facts, but focuses on the most important information yet still in a detailed manner. You feel she knows you very well. I'm very glad to read her work and all I can do is to recommend her to anyone. I feel delighted that I had the oppurtunity.