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The challenge of my current incarnation
Can I be socially successful?
What impression do I make on others
Which energy prevails in me: Yang or Yin
How I feel on the inside
Am I happy or unhappy in the city of birth?
My attitude to money
What can I earn through?
What is my income level by region?
What type of partner attracts me
Are there indications of marriage for love from birth?
Do I have problems conceiving or even the Infertility Formula?
Is there a danger for me in the city of birth?
We are scientific system of calculations
The calculation is carried out according to the city of your birth - the first thing you need to know is your initial parameters, what pattern of fate the Universe has woven into your Personality.
You can check any other city in other calculators (Finding a Happy Place of Residence, calculating Formulas of Love, Business etc.) by following the links.
The basic tendency from birth is very powerful, but when we move, we are able to adjust these parameters, and in some cases, radically change.
Where to move to live?
Study your timeline carefully and find the cities in which you can improve your life.
All calculations are based on scientific data in a highly technological manner.