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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck - astrological compatibility!

More recently, the story of the breakup of relations between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and then the revival of her relationship with Ben Affleck thundered.
Let's analyze both those and other relationships and see which one is better ...

Let's start with her fascinating romance with Alex Rodriguez.
According to the official version of the media, Lopez suspected Rodriguez of treason and she was tired of numerous rumors. Let's see if there are astrological prerequisites for such conclusions.

Let's look at astrological calculations:

In general, it seems that it does not look so scary ... however, there are nuances that are important to understand.

The theme of sexuality.

We see that there is attraction in a couple, despite the fact that desires will not always coincide, however, satisfaction is also present here. I want to draw your attention to a significant difference in sexual desire - in Rodriguez it is much higher.

That's why

That is, on the part of Rodriguez, there can be treason under certain conditions and an appropriate level of development.

Let's look from the point of view of psychological compatibility.

Excellent indicators - they really feel very good and comfortable together on a deep spiritual level.

Further, one of the most important indicators is the ability of people to agree with each other.

Jennifer is a non-conflict personality. In fact, any partner with whom she will be lucky to some extent - she does not hold a "stone in her soul" for a long time. Rodriguez, as we see, is conflicted.
But just look, there is only one conflict interaction between them! An absolutely wonderful combination - they will always, under any circumstances, be able to "find a common language."

Excellent indicators for any union.

And the last point, but no less important - the presence of the Seals of Happiness or Misfortune.

The Seal of Happiness is a necessary indicator for a truly happy relationship. One person here is like the Sun for another - it warms, harmonizes, gives inspiration and optimism. However, there is a nuance. The Seals work one-sided, i.e. one may be happy with the other, and the other may not feel anything special about the relationship.

In a pair of Jennifer and Alex, we see that it is She who makes Him Happy. So, he is happy with her.

In the opposite direction, there is no Seal of Happiness ... it means that there is nothing special for her in these relations ...

In the Seals of Misfortune, everything is similar, only with a minus sign.

One puts pressure on the other, and the second constantly feels this rejection of his personality, the desire for constant alteration, and lives with a sense of unhappiness.

Are there any signs of Unhappiness in this pair?

Yes, Lopez puts pressure on her partner and constantly, as it were, is not satisfied with him. She wants to change him in some way, to correct his path. And he, in turn, feels this dissatisfaction.
In fact, the situation is psychologically extremely difficult for him, because he is happy and unhappy with her at the same time! In some periods of his life he will be very drawn to her, and in others he will want to run away!

For her, this relationship is nothing special. Among other things, the Seal of Misfortune in a couple means the need to work out negative karma in these relationships. A pressured person, like Lopez in this case, eventually loses interest in the one who is being pressured, in our case, Rodriguez. So, Lopez will be the initiator of the break in these relations.

Thus, we see that the couple combines very wonderfully on many levels of life. However, there is, on the one hand, the risk of betrayal, and on the other, Jennifer's loss of interest in her partner.

Therefore, the official version is confirmed by astrological indicators.

Now let's see what kind of situation Jennifer has with Ben Affleck.

After the reunion of the pair of Ben and Jennifer, there was an immediate jubilation in the media - they are back together! This is real love! Once upon a time, 10 years ago, they had a fascinating romance, they were even engaged, but it never came to a wedding ... is it by chance?

Astrological analysis:

Difficulties are immediately apparent...

Let's start with sexual compatibility.

Sexually, there is passion in a couple, it can be very violent, but we do not see satisfaction...

Ben's sexual need is again higher, as was the case with Rodriguez. Treason is hypothetically possible here.

From a psychological point of view, there is nothing to say about comfort here, just look:

It means, Ben will constantly touch some delicate strings of Jennifer's soul. For her, especially as a woman, this is certainly unfavorable.

As many astrologers write, that's, they say, great, they both have the Moon in Scorpio. Well, friends, firstly, Jennifer’s Moon, with a birth time a little later (we don’t know the exact time of her birth), may already “leave” in Sagittarius, and secondly, even with her position in Scorpio, they are so far from each other, that this does not help them in any way within the couple itself. Yes, they can perceive some experiences emotionally in a similar way, however, this does not give them a better mutual understanding within the couple (Moons are not in a contact here).

As for the conflict, here again the picture is not very inspiring:

Just look, 5 conflict interactions compared to one indicator paired with Alex! Here it will obviously be much more difficult for them to agree. Since Ben is conflicted in a couple, these relationships will last exactly as long as she can mitigate his conflict. But I must say right away that this is a complex type of relationship. Although this is still tolerable, compared to what is on the chart, for example, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

And in such a situation, it will be very useful to calculate when to expect the onset of such conflict periods, since such a potential is clearly laid in their future.

Here we see that no conflicts are expected in 2022. And so you can check every year ahead.

Look for conflict periods in your couple.

There are no Seals of Happiness in their couple.

But the Seal of Misfortune, unfortunately, has a place to be...

And, again, she puts pressure on her partner. At times, Ben will miss her warmth. And it will seem to her that he is somehow not up to her. In this case, again, a similar situation - she may lose interest in the relationship as a couple over time. And this again points to karmic relationships, given for working off.

However, there is one important note. If Ben was born at a completely different time, for example, at night, then the aspect can "leave", then the situation will be better. Although, this is unlikely.

Thus, according to the compatibility of the pair of Lopez and Affleck, we can say that in these relations everything is not at all as smooth as it is presented in the media and difficulties will definitely manifest themselves in time. And there is a high probability that Lopez may lose interest in him over time (in the presence of the Seal of Misfortune), but their separation will probably be much more conflicting than it happened with Rodriguez.

In general, in her relationship in both cases, a similar trend can be traced - passion in sexual relations, increased sexuality of the partners she chooses (at the same time, this indicator is lower for herself), the formation of Seals of Misfortune with partners, i.e. she comes into their lives as a strict teacher who wants to change something in a partner (this is subjective). Everywhere there is karmic working off.

In this regard, it is interesting to pay attention to her personal Horoscope or Natal chart.

And here is what surprised me - almost all the planets are maximally aspected with each other, with the exception of Venus and Saturn!

Just look at the Sun, Moon, Mercury - how enriched they are! How many opportunities to release energy, how much positive!
It can be said only by the Sun that a person is able to build his life according to his own scenario and will definitely succeed, but I will immediately say that this success is not easy - a lot of work has been done. This is not at all the success when fame falls "like snow on your head", this is exactly painstaking work. Saturn speaks of this, hitting her Sun.

And since we are talking about the topic of relationships, let's see which partners she chooses and why - a certain pattern is already being traced in these two novels.

In her case, the Sun is responsible for the husband, for the chosen man in her chart. The Sun in this case describes what type of partner it is attracted to. It's here in Leo! So, she is attracted by a prominent, bright, creative, dignified, respectable type of man or one who is Leo according to the Zodiac Sign. Both Alex and Ben are Lions in the Solar Sign.
In addition, according to other indicators, we see that a person should be sociable, contact, physically active, with an entrepreneurial streak. This is a rich, well-to-do, high-status person, a foreigner or a person from afar. Friendship underlies these relationships, fidelity is very important, as well as spirituality, the creative orientation of the individual. And only a little "tar in a spoon with honey" is the same Saturnian influence that creates an unhappy shade in a relationship, delays or various obstacles. Promises separation. And the interrupted relationship with Ben Affleck, just the result of such Saturnian influence. Just imagine how he slowed down the development of relations, as much as 10 years!

One way or another, her card is incredibly resourceful and partners, like herself, are very powerful.

We wish her, under any circumstances, to live a love relationship harmoniously.

With age, a person is already more aware and capable of a more productive study of his negative patterns of behavior, which means that there are more chances for a happy relationship!

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Author - professional astrologer, Anna Raight