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System uniqueness

I'm sure you're not a random passerby. If you are interested in astrology, this means that you are at the stage of the deepest knowledge of your personality. You understand that each of us is part of a larger cosmos, and the study of planets over thousands of years has proven that we can rely on their analysis.

But, as you understand, astrology can be different. There are many systems. If you've been into astrology for a long time, then you know what I'm talking about.

Some systems are more accurate, some less. Some are scientific, while others are amateur.

Today I would like to talk to you specifically about scientific astrology and the scientist, thanks to whose efforts we have advanced a lot in understanding this subject.

The Russian scientist, mathematician and astrologer, together with his research institute, has carried out outstanding experiments in the field of astrology over the past 30 years. First of all, they collaborated with hospitals, tracking how certain diseases are reflected in the horoscope. And on the study of thousands of such charts, specific planetary combinations were formulated, called the Formulas of Events. So, it was found out that each person has a certain pattern of events, sewn into the structure of his personality. In other words, each of us, like a computer, is programmed for a certain course of events. And these programs can be "calculated". A variety of diseases have been identified: from cancer to heart attack, stroke, and so on. After the Danger Formula was also derived. And over time, other fundamental formulas are defined, such as the Love Formula, the Relocation Formula, the Accident Formula, the Wealth Formula, etc. We have implemented this analysis mechanism on our website. Now you can independently calculate which programs are incorporated into your structure from birth.

An interesting experiment was also conducted on the topic of relationships: for 10 years, work was carried out with the local registry office and the couples who got married, and then those who divorced, were tracked. As a result, specific planetary combinations were identified, indicating, for example, the inevitability of a break in relations. The result of this experiment is reflected in our Love Compatibility calculator.

Moreover, a discovery was made, proving that the Location (the city of our stay) is decisive in the commission of certain events. So, through the moving, you can literally “remove” or “bring” any event into life.

I talk more about this in the webinar called Relocation in astrology. I definitely recommend watching it.

The main feature of the scientific approach, as you know, is repeatability and reproducibility. And it is these values that were achieved in these studies. Since then, astrology has acquired a scientific base, which is the merit of Shestopalov.

On our site you have the opportunity to work within the framework of scientific astrology, which has a mathematical basis.

He also proved, for example, that the Koch house system works much more accurately than the Placidus house system. Therefore, on our site, all constructions are blown out in the Koch house system.

Well, one more small but important note. Astrology is an exact science. And this means that the fidelity of the source data is of great importance. Therefore, if you are not sure about the accuracy of the time of birth, we recommend that you do a rectification together with an astrologer (calculate the exact time).

If you have any questions, write to us at Anna.astroforyou@gmail.com

Your Anna Raight