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A breakthrough in astrology!

A scientific approach in astrology or a breakthrough in astrological science!

Yes, friends, over the past 30 years there has been a breakthrough in this amazing subject, and all thanks to the latest developments and research of one of the outstanding scientists of modern times, mathematician and astrologer, Sergei Shestopalov.

An analysis of the scientific literature devoted to the topic of astrology from 1965 to the present has shown that the cosmophysical conditions of the moment of a person's birth leave an imprint on his further development, predetermining the formation of psychophysical characteristics. His work, carried out since 1984 together with physicians, revealed a predisposition to infertility, epilepsy, cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases, due to certain combinations of planets at the time of a person's birth.

In the course of research conducted in 1988, the influence of the position of the planets relative to the horizon on the rate of chemical reactions was discovered.

The study of conflict couples in the workplace, as well as several thousand married couples, demonstrated the reliability of astrological methods and made it possible to create an effective method for determining the compatibility of people, which makes it possible to make a reliable and reliable forecast of relationships.

All research results are presented on our service AstroForYou.org.

You can find out about the presence of a tendency to infertility, serious diseases or danger in the Formulas of Events section or in Express Analysis.

You can disassemble Compatibility in a couple in love or business together with our service.

Also, it was found that the space, namely the city in which we live, is a fundamental factor through which the strengthening or weakening of the potential inherent in the map occurs. Those, with the "right" move, you can recover, conceive a child, increase income and arrange a personal life.

You can calculate the formula of love in the Formulas of Events section, and choose the best place to live in the Selection of a Happy Place of Residence.

And we have amazing news for you! 

Dear user AstroForYou, for the first time ever we will make the professional astrological course with this unique scientific astrology in English! 

We open pre-registration for the astrology training course which will start from July 10, 2022.

When buying a full, 13-month course (6 modules from Basic to Forecasting), you will receive a discount, and the training will be 150 usd per month. Also, you can always complete only one module and stop (one module takes, on average, 2 months).

If you pre-register, the cost of the full course for you will be:

Until June 25 - 130 usd per month.

This nice price because we will make if for the first time in English. Don't loose your opportunity to learn scientific astrology with a professional astrologer, the founder of AstroForYou.org, Anna Raight.

You can sign up by writing to anna.astroforyou@gmail.com.
A deposit will be required to secure your spot.

Conducted by Anna Raight:

➤ Master of Astrological Sciences (SPBAA), confirmed by an international diploma,
➤ Head of the International School of Astrology,
➤ Founder of the unique service of high-quality Astro calculations AstroForYou,
➤ Member of the international organization of astrologers Inastro,
➤ Founder of author's live trainings, marathons and webinars on Astrology, Astropsychology, personal growth,
➤ More than 15 years of successful professional activity,
➤ More than 5 years of teaching experience,
➤ More than 4000 individual consultations around the world, which is confirmed by thousands of grateful reviews from satisfied customers,
➤ Real cases of results for the people I worked with, even at the moment when the best doctors gave up (for example, a girl managed to conceive a child, thanks to the selection of the "right" place and time (before this year, the guys "did not succeed")),
➤ The study of the concept of "Event Formula" has led to a lot of travel (more than 40 countries and a huge number of cities in the last 10 years),
➤ First education - economics,
➤ Producer and author of various creative projects. Thanks to the Formula of Wealth, she filmed a reality show in Los Angeles about debunking the myths of the modern world and global internal transformation from within to the external environment.

Get academic knowledge from a practicing professional astrologer with the opportunity to view horoscopes on your personal horoscope and the horoscopes of loved ones!

Feel free to ask us any questions via anna.astroforyou@gmail.com.