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Astrology training systems - which one to choose?

As you know, now there are many opportunities to study astrology and the question arises - not just which school to choose, but also which method is the most effective, the most applied. And there are many of them: Western, Vedic, Chinese, Avestan astrology. This is if it is global. But even there are a lot of nuances and branches inside.

Western astrology is closest to us and even there are a lot of differences in it. So, some astrologers use the Placidus house system, while others use Koch, in one system Mars rules Aries, in the other Scorpio. Of course, a person who has never dealt with astrology is unlikely to figure out on his own what the difference is. After all, not even all professional astrologers often understand it.

I consider that I was very lucky to get acquainted with Shestopalov's system from the age of 17. And now you will understand why.

From 1985 to 1989, at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, S.V. Shestopalov developed the problem of astrological forecasting on topics approved by the leadership of the institute, in particular, contractual work with the Mission Control Center and the Flight Test Institute in the city of Zhukovsky near Moscow.

In the same years, a study was conducted of interpersonal compatibility of people based on an analysis of the relationship of conflict couples at work and in marriage. In particular, on the basis of data from the registry office of the Leninsky district of Leningrad, 1,500 married couples with a marriage duration of at least 20 years were analyzed. As a result of the study, statistically significant influences from a number of planets were established (compatibility can be built on the site according to these principles).

Since 1984, S.V. Shestopalov carried out systematic activities in the field of medical astrology. Comprehensive research was carried out to develop astrological formulas for diseases with medical institutions of the USSR.

In 1984, together with the Leningrad Research Institute of Pulmonology, work was carried out on an astrological analysis of a group of patients with a verified diagnosis of bronchial asthma. The results of the work were published at the II All-Union Conference on Space Anthropoecology, organized by the Academy of Medical Sciences in Leningrad in the same year.

Together with the Bekhterev Psychoneurological Institute, an astrological study of patients diagnosed with epilepsy was carried out. The results were published at the International Congress of Psychiatrists and Psychoneurologists on Epilepsy in Greifswaid, DDR in 1989.

With the Leningrad Neurosurgical Institute. A.L. Polenov, a study was carried out on the astrological analysis of the signs of stroke in the horoscope of patients with this diagnosis. As a result of the work, a stroke formula was obtained, with the possibility of astrological differentiation depending on the nature of its course, both in ischemic and hemorrhagic types.

Work was carried out with the Ott Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences to identify astrological signs of infertility. The result of the search was the possibility of detecting organic and functional infertility in the birth chart of both men and women. As you know, the site provides a calculation for the presence of the Infertility Formula. With the X-ray and Radiological Institute of the Ministry of Health of the USSR, work was carried out on various groups of cancer patients to identify the astrological signs of cancer.

With the Crimean Cardiology Center in Simferopol, studies were carried out on astrological detection of signs of infarction in patients with various types of cardiac pathology. With the Saratov Tuberculosis Dispensary, on the medical material of this medical institution, formulas for tuberculosis of the lungs were obtained.

The identification of specific combinations in horoscopes in patients with specific nosologies made it possible to formulate an astrological model of the disease with the possibility of its individual detailing.

Since 1985, Sergei Shestopalov has been developing the concept of "Formula of Events". The results of these studies were first published in 1996 in the book "Predictive Astrology" and also presented at the 7th International Iberian Congress in Spain in 1997.

According to the Socratic Committee for Science in London, it was recognized as the best teaching private institution in Europe in 2016.

In 2005, the author's concept of "Formula of Events" became the subject of a doctoral thesis defense at the International University of Fundamental Studies. This structure is a representative of the system of Oxford universities in Russia.

In 2009, S.V. Shestopalov was awarded the title of Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences.

In 2017, the name of Academician S.V. Shestopalov was included in the register of outstanding scientists of the XXI century. According to the Socratic Committee, the author's concept of the "Formula of Events" is an outstanding contribution to the civilizational process. The presentation of the medal "For Contribution to Science" and the Cavalier Ribbon took place in a solemn atmosphere in Cannes.

In 2018, the Philipp von Hohenheim (Paracelsus) European Medical Association and the Medical Royal Society of Belgium awarded Academician S.V. Shestopalov the Paracelsus Rose Award for his contribution to the development of predictive astromedicine.

In December 2018, at the invitation of the French Academy of Sciences, he took part in the VIII World Scientific Congress at the UN Headquarters in Geneva, where he delivered a conceptual report on the theoretical substantiation of astrology.

Thus, we see that Shestopalov develops classical Ptolemaic astrology on the basis of modern technical and scientific possibilities.

I do not know of any other astrologer who has conducted so many scientific experiments and has been recognized by the scientific community.

So friends, first his teacher Sergei Vronsky proved that, for example, the Koch house system works more accurately than Placidus, and then Shestopalov himself, after his experiments, confirmed the same conclusions.

I haven't come across any research to the contrary. So I have a question: why is it that such a huge number of astrologers have not yet become acquainted with these studies? After all, a huge mass of people still use Placidus.

Or is it just a new fashion trend - to be an astrologer?

But these are all rhetorical questions.

Any technique can always be tested in practice. And my 18 years of practice shows that there is no system that works more accurately.

Thus, the formula for success in astrology =


Any other options will not bring you the desired result.

Imagine that you studied the Classroom Methodology, but the teacher never really checked anything on himself. Can he teach you this skill? Unlikely. You will have to independently "knock down all the bumps" on the way.

Or, on the contrary, a teacher with great experience, checked a lot of things, but the technique does not always work (which is paradoxical from a scientific point of view, because if this is a working technique, then it should work in 100% of cases). And that means a lot of false information is given. There is also little to enjoy here.

Well, I don’t even want to talk about the option when the Methodology is not very good and the teacher has no experience.

Therefore, friends, when you choose where to go to study astrology, the first thing to do is to decide on the methodology. This is very important strategically (what you will spend at least 1 year of your life on).

And then decide on a teacher who has extensive experience (but not as a teacher, but as a practicing astrologer) and, of course, whom you simply sympathize with. You need to choose with your head and heart, as they say.

Our School of Astrology from AstroForYou provides an academic base, and the teacher is a practicing astrologer with extensive experience.

I was very lucky - my interest in astrology was so strong from the age of 17 that I began to test different methods very early (including the Vedic one). And it was the huge travel experience (more than 40 countries) that allowed me to make all the decisions for myself. There were times when I avoided danger or illness by moving from one city to another or increased income, built relationships, finding myself in correctly calculated locations.

By the way, the topic of relocation is generally not understood in any other astrological system. Many astrologers do not even know about these studies, that events are "lived" according to the Local Chart (there are a lot of Shestopalov's studies on this topic and not only, but including mine personally).

If your goal is to learn something really useful, necessary and working (which is the most important), then come to our Astrology Training School.

For all questions, write to us at anna.astroforyou@gmail.com

Your astrologer,

Anna Raight