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How do Event Formulas work?

Many of us are concerned about the question - what are Event Formulas and how do they work?

Let's talk about this in detail.

From birth, every person is given a set of some specific qualities of character: he/ she is calm or active, cheerful or melancholy, aggressive or passive. And also abilities are given: talent in mathematics or in drawing, in dancing or sports, etc.

Many of you have probably heard about such a concept as a Cosmogram - this is a picture of the starry sky at the time of your birth, taking into account time, but without taking into account the place of birth and without taking into account astrological houses.

So, if you were born, for example, on February 1, 1990, then your Sun will obviously be in the Sign of Aquarius at that moment, like any other person born on that day. Or, for example, you were born on August 1, 1996, then your Sun was in Leo. In addition, all the other planets (from the Moon to Pluto) would also be in the same signs for all these people. 

If we take two people born on February 1, 1990 with a difference of 5 hours in time of birth, let's say, then the positions of all the planets in Signs will coincide, with the exception of the Moon (it moves the fastest). This means that almost all aspects will coincide (they describe certain traits of a person’s character). But what then, we have so many identical people?

And here it is not. This is only the first coordinate system. There is also a second one. It is determined by the place of birth of a person, when houses are also superimposed on the positions of the planets in the Signs - these are the sectors of the ecliptic, which are calculated in the system of sidereal time (the rotation of the Earth around its axis). And depending on the place of birth of a person, this grid of projections (houses) will look different:

Los Angeles


And here we have a completely different picture. The chart of the same person, but in different locations looks completely different. If they were born at the same time, on the same date, but in different locations, then their horoscopes will be completely different from each other.

So, as soon as we added the second coordinate system in the form of houses, we had the same chart that we call the Horoscope.

What is the meaning of these two systems:

1. The first coordinate system - the cosmogram - shows the complex deep level of the human psyche, reflects a set of unchanging qualities that have been developed karmically. So, wherever you move, as the saying goes: "you always move with you." Those aspects (harmonious or negative influences between the planets) that are formed in the cosmogram are the result of your choices in past incarnations, they are unchanged, you will have to go through your whole life with them, they need to be transformed.

2. The second coordinate system - the horoscope - reflects how you will realize all these qualities and this potential on the material level (in accordance with geographic coordinates, i.e. the city of residence). What specific events will you have to face in order to evolve. How will you use that accumulated experience: earn money, develop talents, build relationships, raise children, etc.

Only the combination of these two levels allows us to understand the full depth of the structure of the Human Being.

We are - spiritual and material at the same time. And we can't remove anything, otherwise the whole system will just collapse ;))

The horoscope refers to the material world, where we can identify the entire series of events that has been invested in a person from birth. In addition, since the houses of the horoscope themselves depend on the location of the person (in each place they are rebuilt anew in accordance with new geographical coordinates), we can also influence our series of events through moving.

We cannot change the position of the Sun (cosmogram) - if a person was born under the Sign of Aquarius, then he will die under it. However, HOW he will manifest this energy, through what sphere of life, with benefit or harm - we can change.

So, if from birth a person has the Sun in the second house of the horoscope, then the person directs all his attention to generating income. When moving, the Sun will move to another house, say - at 7. And in this new city, he will devote all his time exclusively to relationships. Money will no longer play such an important role, but relationships will, on the contrary, come to the fore. You can read about such rather simple changes in your Personal Card when moving in the Location Chart section.

It turns out that through locations we can control the potential that was given to us from birth. We can strengthen some parameters, and weaken another.

This idea has been developing for a long time - several centuries, however, a breakthrough was made as a result of the research of a scientist, mathematician and astrologer, Sergey Shestopalov, who proved that each event has its own astrological formulation. And the first experiments were carried out jointly with medical institutions, where formulas for cancer and other important diseases were derived in practice.

This means that now it has become possible to determine specific diseases according to the horoscope, and therefore make the right decisions on time.

Later, other formulas were derived, such as the formula for danger, moving, love, divorce, conception, etc.

And for me, as a professional astrologer, the most important task was to create for you the opportunity to use these formulas in your life so that you can CONSCIOUSLY improve it.

Surely, you have already tried this service on our website - Event Formulas.

We have implemented the most important formulas required for serious analysis. Let's talk about how to work productively with them.

So, first of all, when you analyze your data from birth, pay attention to the following formulas:

- Physical Hazard Formula
- Formula for causing physical danger to or from another person
- Offense formula
- Debt and Bankruptcy Formula
- Infertility Formula
- Formula of income level by region

The formula of physical danger means the possibility of injuries, operations and accidents (fatal or not, it already looks together with the astrologer). Accordingly, if you do not want to face such events, you need to select the city where she "leaves". But, if you play sports, then you need such a formula. Since it gives "physical strain", the desire to go beyond their physical capabilities.

The formula for causing physical danger to or from another person primarily indicates that you are creating enmity towards yourself. This may happen unconsciously. But the meaning of the formula is that you can get into a dangerous situation involving third parties: a fight, an accident, and so on.

The formula of offenses indicates that a person can be charged with very serious misconduct. At the same time, it does not matter whether he actually committed them or not (this may be karma), but the result may be a lawsuit with all the consequences. As the saying goes, "ignorance of the law is no excuse."

The formula of debt and bankruptcy is self-explanatory - in this place you will constantly get into debt and lose large sums of money. Do you need it?

The infertility formula indicates the impossibility of conception in the indicated place. But, the fact is that when we move, we are able to "remove" the disease itself, which caused problems with conception. And this means that when you move to a "suitable" city, conception becomes possible.

Here's a testimonial from a couple who couldn't get pregnant. It was enough to change the location - and voila:

The formula for the level of income by region reflects whether it will be below or above the average for you (for a specific location). If you have an income below the average for the region and there are no additional Formulas for a profitable business, then it is very illusory to count on large fees. It is better to take real steps and find the best place for your personality structure, where you can realize it and earn much more.

Well, then, there are already requests for some specific tasks. Let's simulate several options together (P.S. if you have any options of your own, send them to us by mail anna.astroforyou@gmail.com, next time we will analyze together).

*** Let's say your task is to greatly increase income. What to watch for this?

Choose an indicator of income level by region - so that it is above or average, at least. Next, pay attention to the formulas for Medium and Big Businesses. Literally, in the place where you have these formulas, I recommend opening a legal entity. At the same time, you can not even live there. The combination will already work for you. Also, it is desirable that you have a Big Income Formula there and, of course, there is no Debt and Bankruptcy Formula.

***Now consider the topic of favoruable relationships. Here you will also need to analyze the section on Choosing a Happy Place of Residence for the presence of Unhappiness Formulas in the topic of family life or relationships. These combinations work very brightly, I do not advise ignoring them in any case.
Exclude at once all the cities where there are Unhappiness Formulas in these positions.

On the site on the topic of love, the following formulas are presented:

- Formula of love 
- Formula of betrayal
- Formula of divorce 
- The tendency to divorce
- Formula of infertility 

Ideally, out of all these formulas, you should have the Formula of Love. So, of course, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it is not always the case.

The formula of love describes your main motivation for entering into marriage - the feeling of love. If this combination does not exist, then the motivations for marriage will be simply different: for the purpose of creating a family, on a material basis, by calculation, a fictitious marriage, etc.
Here you get married because you love, and not otherwise.

The formula of betrayal speaks for itself. Even though it describes either you or your partner (remember, "like attracts like"). In accordance with karma, if a person at a low level of consciousness, he himself commits misconduct (kills, cheats, etc.), at a higher level of consciousness he receives the fruits of his actions (he is killed, he is cheated on, etc.). But again, this formula is not a sentence. With the help of moving it can be "removed".

The formula of divorce means that in this location you will divorce your partner. You can avoid this either when moving, or by monitoring the forecast in order to completely stop communication for a certain period. With close contact, this cannot be avoided.

The divorce trend is just something that can still be overcome if you make an effort, even before you move.

We have already talked about the infertility formula. I will only note that if one partner has it, then the couple will not become pregnant.

*** The next important topic for discussion is health.

To this end, pay attention to the following formulas:

- Formula of disease 
- Formula of health
- Formula of physical Hazard
- Formula for causing physical danger to or from another person
- Formula of injury 
- Formula of accident
- Formula of hazard protection

If you already have some kind of serious disease, then the most effective way for you is to choose a city in which you do not have the Disease Formula, but there is a Formula of health.
Ideally, eliminate all negative formulas that are listed above. At least, an additional formula of danger. Then the situation can change directly radically. There are such examples in practice.

*** And the last topic is professional or social realization, work according to vocation. We all want it, but not everyone succeeds. What's the matter? What indicator will help us here?

To answer this question, we need to check the Formula of Social Success. It is also relevant for those who are looking for a place to study for themselves or their children. This formula enables a person to realize himself in the chosen field of activity, to be recognized (to defend a candidate's, doctoral, to be realized in sports, in creativity, etc.).

Or, if you're thinking about where to release the book? Where you have the Formula of Social Success. Well, it would be nice to have good financial combinations, if you also want to earn money on this;)

I hope the logic is clear.


Calculators which needed to be used when moving:

Location chart - a comparative description for each position of the planets.
Event Formulas - an analysis of the series of events around the world (the most important for those who are going to move).

Friends, if you have any questions about the analysis of formulas, be sure to write to anna.astroforyou@gmail.com, we will try to help you!