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Now with the development of the world, the advent of the Internet, we can travel more, much more than ever before. We became free in our movements, which gave us a wide range of options.

And we would be ready to go somewhere, but where?

Is there a better place for each of us, if yes, which one? How do I find it?

At the previous webinar, a lot of applications were received specifically on the issue of determining a Happy Place of Residence, and I simply cannot ignore this issue.

Very often, such concepts as happiness or unhappiness are abstract categories, and certainly extra-astrological, it would seem. However, this is not quite true.

At one time, astrologers were interested in the works of Hermes Trismegistus, who spoke about a very specific definition of happiness or unhappiness, depending on the position of the planets.

And, fortunately, astrologers did not remain indifferent to these words, but they did not take it "on faith", they decided to check whether it was true.

So, empirically it turned out that in a happy place (where there are certain indications of the planets) a person feels a surge of energy, fullness and joy of life. This does not mean that he will live long, will not get sick, and will not suffer blows of fate. But he easily meets all the vicissitudes and trials, does not lose his presence of mind and optimism. It turns out that happiness is just a feeling. That there are no external reasons for feeling happy or unhappy, except for the horoscope containing this formula. Therefore, you can change your fate and your feeling of life by changing your horoscope by moving to a place with different geographical coordinates, i.e. moving to another city.

We have just such an opportunity on our website AstroForYou.org - to find cities in which there are Formulas for Happiness or Unhappiness.

How does a collection work?

First, you will need to pay for the number of countries that you would like to analyze, or you can open the whole world at once.

Then you choose any country of interest:

And see the results.

There you can also read the meaning of each formula, as well as in which area it is implemented.For travel, and even more so, moving, it is simply necessary to analyze.

What Happiness Formulas Give?

The Formula of Happiness in expressing yourself allows a person to feel self-satisfaction, experience an influx of energy, be an optimist and lover of life.

The Formula of Happiness in the home field allows you to experience the joy of life, to love your native places (those places in which this Formula is) and their nature, to be happy in your personal life.

The Formula of Happiness in Relationships indicates a happy marriage and happiness in personal relationships, good luck in relationships and partnerships.

The Formula of Happiness in the professional field promises success in the professional field, fame and honor, respect and patronage of superiors.

I must say right away that if you have found at least one of them somewhere (at the same time, without any Formula of Misfortune) - feel free to go there and check how it works. Because it's just amazing!

As for the negativity or Formulas of Misfortune.

There are several options here:

Outflow of energy and depression, melancholy, despondency, which can lead to hypochondria and misanthropy.

Excess energy, fraught with conflicts and dangerous situations.

Thus, in the first case, the Formula of Misfortune in expressing yourself and, including in home field, will give a lack of energy, depression, will incline to drunkenness and other similar ways of dealing with melancholy.

The Formula of Misfortune in home field here promises loneliness at the end of life, as it develops misanthropy and an unsociable, quarrelsome character. As a result, relatives and friends can leave a person. Drunkenness also plays a significant role in this.

In addition, the Formula of Misfortune at home or in relationships promises an unhappy marriage marked by some unfortunate circumstance.

In the second case, the Formula of Misfortune in expressing yourself will give dangerous situations, injuries and surgical operations, especially heads and faces, and conflicts, although, oddly enough, a person here can experience the fullness and taste of life due to excess energy and not feel unhappy and, of course not experience any signs of depression.

The Formula of Misfortune in home field and in relationships will indicate conflict and unhappiness in your personal life and threat from other people.

In addition, at home there may be a risk of fire or robbery, property damage.

Well, in professional activity, it can talk about a dangerous profession, about conflicts with bosses and enemies at work.

Numerous examples show that people with The Formula of Happiness are happy regardless of the circumstances. There may be tragic events in their lives, but they courageously meet them and do not lose their presence of mind, they may not be very financially secure, but this does not poison their lives, they easily endure illnesses and, if they die prematurely, they meet death “with a smile on mouth". But, as a rule, The Formula of Happiness softens the blows of fate: during illness, it sends qualified medical assistance, in financial hardships it does not ruin to the ground and they never feel severe need.

On the contrary, The Formula of Misfortune can lead to dissatisfaction with life and people, although nothing tragic happened: there were no losses of loved ones, in personal life there may be no significant problems, in the material sphere, not only everything is safe, but even wealth is present, living conditions are excellent on the view of outside observers. However, a person feels deeply unhappy and is forced to drown melancholy in a glass of wine.

In the next article, I will explain how these Unhappiness Formulas work with examples. This is extremely important to understand.

If in your city of residence there are Formulas of Unhappiness, especially in expressing yourself, in home field and in relationships, I strongly recommend changing your place of residence.

You can calculate your Formulas here.

For all questions write to anna.astroforyou@gmail.com