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Israel, what to expect?

The transition to a new era is not easy for us. Power is the strongest drug, and no one is willing to give it up so easily and voluntarily. The military events we have witnessed in recent years are the result of the division of the New World, which is "taking over" reality at every turn. As Klaus Schwab once put it, we are now passing through "a narrow window of opportunity to think, to decide and to reset our world".
The situation unfolding in Israel is part of a whole chain of events. And today I want to focus on this map, because it clarifies a lot of things and shows how long the country will be in a state of hostilities (which means that the rest of the world will be shaken). Everyone understands that whatever the pretext for the cleansing of the Palestinian population, it's happening. 

So, Israel's horoscope:

The position of the Sun in Taurus in the 8th house is very revealing, isn't it?

The Sun is a world view and here the focus of consciousness is in an earthy, practical, financial sign and the house of big money. Also other people's money)))) 

The Sun is also afflicted by Mars and Saturn, the two most evil planets.... 

In general, all the aspects we have in our charts reflect, among other things, our accumulated karma, which is expressed in the form of certain tendencies and character traits. And in ancient astrology, damage to the Sun by Saturn was called the Seal of Satan. And not without reason. After all, Saturn in the negative gives a cold mind and an unfeeling heart, and makes it difficult to express one's individuality. In other words, the very essence of creation is violated here. The Sun is the energy of creativity or co-creation. And in this chart we see that the energy of creation is being misrepresented. 

I talk about this in more detail in the video: https://youtu.be/Rtb8tBH4j_4

At the same time, the Israeli people (Moon) are proud of themselves (in Leo). They see themselves as 'the chosen ones'. 

Mercury in Gemini makes them skilled traders, enterprising and business-minded people. 

It is interesting to note the Moon's North Node, which is also in Taurus, but in the 7th house. The South Node is in Scorpio. 

I will show you the description directly from the Karma section of the website:

In a good way, development along a path favourable to them would have meant accepting the territories they originally received, without trying to reclaim more and more land. 

Now, obviously, the country has moved along its negative scenario, which it has already karmically lived once (the crucifixion of Jesus is one of them) - through risks and dangers, crimes.

Incidentally, the situation with Zelensky is very similar. In his horoscope, the positions of the nodes simply "scream" that he went "in the wrong direction". (The task in Libra is to develop and negotiate, and he went to war in Aries). 

Moreover, instead of shouting about his chosenness and exclusiveness - according to the 1st house, Israel's task is the following:

Again, the description is taken from the Karma section of the site. It is all very accurate. 

In the comments to my video on the horoscope of Israel, one of my listeners asked what the aspect of the Black Moon to the Sun means. And I covered this question in detail in the video: https://youtu.be/Rtb8tBH4j_4

Now let's look at the material reality that is unfolding for the country of Israel. 

Again, by going to the Events Formulas section of the website, we can see all the events that are being set up for the realisation of this state:

All kinds of financial combinations are represented! And they also have the Wealth Formula! So far, of the charts I have analysed, the Wealth Formula is only found in two countries, guess which ones?

It's the USA and Israel. That's right again. 

They also have the Danger and Shortening of Life formula (The formula of physical hazard and also the formula of causing physical harm to another people), which means the presence of military action:

And there is a high risk of being accused of crimes with consequent consequences for the country:

So, going through the main points of the horoscope gives a fairly accurate picture of the country. 

According to the forecast, military action on the territory of Israel will be visible until 2027, for more information see this video: https://youtu.be/Rtb8tBH4j_4

With warm regards, Anna Raight
Your Professional Astrologer