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Discover Success Stories from My Astrology Career

Discover Success Stories from My Astrology Career

Hello again,

I hope you're excited about our upcoming 5 Day Destiny Challenge! Today, I want to share some incredible success stories from my astrology career that showcase the transformative power of this ancient science.

How Relocation Solved a Health Problem: A Real-Life Story

A young woman once approached me with serious health issues. She had been diagnosed with multiple polyps and her condition worsened over a year living in Moscow. This led to significant fear and a severe decline in her mental and emotional health. It seemed impossible to overcome these challenges.

We examined her horoscope for Moscow and immediately noticed numerous indicators of illness. Additionally, the current period was activating these negative health potentials.

After analyzing her situation, we determined that relocating from Moscow for a while, until the negative aspect passed, could be a solution. We began searching for favorable places for her temporary stay.

It turned out that in Alupka, Crimea, her health indicators were excellent—the Disease Formula was completely absent. This suggested that being in this location would naturally alleviate her health issues.

At first, she was skeptical. How could simply moving improve her health? However, research and practice support this.

She decided to stay in Alupka for three months to observe any changes. The first thing she noticed was an improvement in her mental and emotional state—she felt happier and more at peace. After three months, she returned to Moscow and immediately visited her doctor. The results were astounding: her polyps had significantly reduced in size. The doctor was amazed and curious about her treatment method.

This is the power of relocation. And this is just one of many examples.

A person's physical well-being is closely linked to their geographical coordinates. We are children of the cosmos on Earth. It's crucial to remember this. The future of 21st-century astrology lies in these studies, not in pills. Our resources are far greater than we realize, and the Earth itself is here to help us.

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How I Met My Future Husband Through Astrology

When I first studied astrology over 15 years ago, I learned to interpret my Natal Chart. I discovered an indication that I would marry a foreigner. This sparked a lifelong fascination with different places and countries. I've visited over 40 countries, developing and uncovering my inherent potential.

At that time, I couldn't imagine where life would take me or where I would meet my future husband. 

I've traveled extensively, from Africa to Cuba, America to Europe and numerous places in Asia.

Interestingly, I had the chance to astrologically calculate a favorable place for relationships. I found that several cities in Australia had my Formula of Happiness in relationships. This meant these locations were ideal for meeting a partner.

I began planning my trips as a tourist and an astrologer, curious to see how this would work. Most tourists head to major cities like Sydney or Melbourne. However, my analysis pointed to Brisbane, a smaller city, as the best place for me at that specific time.

I decided to test this prediction. I traveled to Brisbane, open to new interactions. As soon as this astrological influence became active, I met someone and started a relationship. A few years later, we were married.

This is a real case from my life and I have many similar examples from both my life and my clients' experiences. Using astrology correctly can significantly enhance our lives and I wish the same for you.

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Warm regards,

Anna Raight