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Do you already know what to give your loved one for the Christmas?

In our 21st age of information, the most valuable gift is knowledge! And knowledge about one's own nature, purpose, talents and abilities, about the path to be taken by a person is gold. 

Most of us have already "closed" the lower needs according to Maslow's pyramid.

What could be more important than quality of life?

And quality is determined by the availability of knowledge (which is perfectly reflected in the pyramid). For example, if you know what food is good for your body, you will be healthy and therefore a happy person. But if you ignorantly "throw" into your body "what you get," then you should not be surprised by suffering. 

The purity of our thoughts is also important. Thoughts, as we know, give birth to actions. If we know our character tendencies and learn to look at them consciously, we have the opportunity to live in goodness - with thoughts without negativity. 

And understanding the laws of space will help us to qualitatively change our series of events. In my personal practice there are examples of pregnancy in the helplessness of doctors, when a couple went to a favorable place for a few days on a weekend (in another country) and conceived a child; examples of recovery when staying in a favorable city for 3 months, when the doctor was literally puzzled why suddenly such a decrease in tumor; there are examples of improvement of financial status and many other things, and even finding simple happiness. And all this thanks to the use of the earth's resource - its geography. 

And if there is also an inner understanding of one's own path, the right attitude to times of crisis, then such a life can only be envied. It is the life of a happy person! Please note that it is not about the amount of money, and not even about success in the worldly sense of the word, but about HOW you live your life.

Today we offer you to make the best gift to your loved one - give a Certificate for any of the consultations from AstroForYou:

1.Express analysis of a city. 
There are certain combinations of planets in each person's horoscope that will create fortunate circumstances for him/ her in a particular sphere, and perhaps even, and not only, in a particular city. Based on your intentions and the cities represented, the astrologer will tell you where you would be better off. Where to go for a love purposes and where to go for money. In this service you will be able to analyze one city you are interested in individually with the astrologer for relationships, business, money, health, happiness/unhappiness formulas, etc. So please specify in the comments the city you want to analyze.
You will receive an answer to your email within 3-7 days. If you need it faster, you can contact us by writing to astroforyou@mail.ru. 
The cost is $15.

2. Karmic horoscope.
Karmic horoscope gives answers to many questions, reveals deep cause-and-effect relationships. Who was I? What am I doing "here"? In the analysis you will learn in which area (territorially) you have lived in the past life, how much time has passed between the present and the previous incarnation. What "baggage" you brought into this life, both good and bad.
You will receive an answer in your mail within 5-7 days. If you need it faster, you can contact us by writing to astroforyou@mail.ru. 
The cost is $90.

3. The Career Guidance Horoscope.
Career counseling takes into account all talents and abilities of a person. From what sphere can income come to him/ her. Whether he/her can earn with his/her talents, whether he/her can build a career, or whether only hired labor is possible for him/her. Will the person work in his specialty or can he earn only by unskilled labor? Whether he can become a manager, whether he will be a good manager. What to do if you want to develop your talent, but you can't do it in the city where you live. Analysis of individual situation with search of the best solution.
The cost is $100. 

4. Horoscope of love compatibility. 
Astrologer will analyze compatibility at various levels - from sexual to deep psychological. Taking into account conflicts, karmic interconnections, seals of happiness/unhappiness and other additional factors. And if the time of birth of partners is known exactly, then it is possible to consider the interaction and on the subject of marriage. Whether it is possible or not. This is a very complex and deep analysis of the interaction of two personalities.
P.S. This analysis is based on the research conducted by SPBAA for 20 years in cooperation with St. Petersburg Marriage House, as well as with space organizations, which allowed to determine at what planetary indicators, for example, the breakup in the couple is inevitable, and at what, the union will be long and indestructible.   
The cost is $100.

5. Forecast for 1 year. 
This forecast gives an understanding of the events that await you during the year, and also gives recommendations for strengthening or weakening certain influences. This is an accurate forecast for which it is preferable to have a correction, at least be sure of the accuracy of your birth time. 
The cost is $135. 

6. Complete analysis of the horoscope with a forecast for 1 year.

When people come to us for the first time, we always recommend a full horoscope analysis, which allows us to take a comprehensive look at the situation, to evaluate all aspects of life, together with the karmic program, to understand what is happening at the generational level - where these or those destructive programs in life come from and what to do with them. 

This horoscope analysis includes rectification (the most time-consuming and obligatory procedure that allows you to make an accurate horoscope if you have not done it), karmic horoscope (tasks of the current life, what situations in the past have led to these events and what to do about it), analysis of personal life, talents and abilities, analysis of the financial side, profession and business, health and other relevant issues. 

There is also a deep internal analysis of the personality and we give specific recommendations to work through. If a person is ready to fulfill them and change - we guarantee that life will improve. 

After such an analysis we make a prognosis for 1 year. It is concrete, based on events. It will be seen where, what period (in the section from a month to several) with specific accents. You can see what to expect for the next year in relationships, finances, with health, etc. 

Without such a forecast you can assess the coming year only theoretically. All this costs $430 and such work (about 20 sheets of information) takes from 2 to 3 weeks. 

At the first use we give some bonuses: within the framework of this analysis we consider compatibility with a partner for free and give an opportunity to compare two cities (if there is an intention to move somewhere and change your life). 

In the future, updating the forecast once a year will cost $135 (even without rectification). 

That is, it is the first time we recommend a full analysis with tracking and understanding of all life potentials, all nuances and what to do with them. Then you only need to update the forecast once a year. And, of course, we will always be in touch during the year, you can contact us with clarifying questions, etc. 

But the first stage of this work - will be to fill out your questionnaire about all important events in your life, on it we will be able to calculate the exact time of birth and make a correct, working map. This is the most important stage. Because the result will depend on the correctness of the initial data.

And other topics of consultation: https://astroforyou.org/en/individual

P.S. You can also give an AstroForYou training certificate as a gift. It can be any 1 module of your choice or the whole year of training. 

Details on the school here: https://astroforyou.org/en/learning

If you have any questions, please write to us at anna.astroforyou@gmail.com.

What to do after payment?

After paying for any consultation, write to us at anna.astroforyou@gmail.com with the initials of the person (and his/her e-mail, if necessary) to whom you would like to give the analysis, and we will be able to send him/her the certificate ourselves or send it to you so that you can solemnly hand it over, at your discretion. 

Such a gift is not only original, it is also filled with your power of love and your desire to help reveal the personality of a loved one.