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Hello dear AstroForYou user,

We have prepared unprecedented discounts for you:

1. 50% discount on the 3rd level of access.

Level 3 access includes calculators that allow you to study in great detail:

- your personality, analyse your karma (the experiences you have had in past lives and the channels (if any) through which different types of information come to you...

- you will have access to the analysis of Love and Business Compatibility with an unlimited number of partners, where you can find out what your sexual relations are in a couple, conflict, whether it can lead to a break-up (based on 20 years of research it has been proven that conflict is a key factor in breaking up relationships), whether you have a stamp of happiness/unhappiness (it only sounds "magical", in practice you will encounter very specific events of one kind or another). And in Business Compatibility you can evaluate each partnership from the point of view of profitability - whether the partner will bring profit or will be detrimental. I would like to point out that this data is scientifically based and that it is applied exactly according to the influence of the planets.

- you can use the Conflict Prediction calculator. This is a very important calculator, especially if you and/or your partner are in conflict. You will be able to see when specific planetary influences are activating this conflict issue in you, and you can avoid irreparable conflicts that could lead to a breakdown in the relationship.

- you will be able to calculate the marriage horoscope with your partner and find out what kind of life such a united energy will bring you - what will be in money, love life, etc.

- It will become clear to you what is happening in your life at any given time, and you will be able to track the current planetary influences on you thanks to the Forecast for today / Forecast for date calculator. This is a method of calculating transits and progressions in relation to your individual chart. Sometimes we do not understand why everything is boiling on the inside, but on the outside everything seems to be fine. That's what transits are all about. Furthermore, this section allows you to analyse not only the present, but also the future and even the past. You will be able to trace certain patterns in your life for yourself. And find out in which areas you are learning difficult lessons at the moment and in which areas you are lucky.

2. 40% discount on the PRO level
This level has recently appeared on our site and, in addition to what has been described above, it allows you to have unlimited access to the main services that allow you to literally build your own destiny: Event Formulas, Selection of a Happy ResidenceLocal map with access to cities. Astrologers know that the only way to change your life, your series of events (improve relationships, recover, increase income) is to move. Only by moving in the space of our planet Earth, just as cells move in our body - in different parts of it, they will behave differently, according to external conditions. But these external conditions do not depend on descriptions in newspapers and magazines - this is an individual structure of a person superimposed on the structure of space - the result will be just as unique. This means, for example, that someone won't be able to make money in New York, contrary to the opinion that "all the money is in New York", while someone will make money in Kenya, in Nairobi, where it seems to be dangerous and poor (again, according to someone's opinion).
In order to choose the best option for the development of events, Anna Raight has created services that allow us to live consciously and happily.

You will be able to access:

It will determine what formulas you have from birth (any born patterns for moving, for marriage for love, for a large income) and if something does not suit you, you can select any city of interest and see how the situation will change there. Friends, there are simply no analogues to this service! Over the last 15 years, we have tested a huge number of formulas while travelling in 40 countries! You can increase your income and even recover from an illness if you are at the right geographical point for you personally.

You can also choose any formula as a relevant goal, for example if you want to open a business - choose a medium or large business formula, choose a country that interests you and see in which cities of a given country you have the desired formula - and register a legal entity there. And if you want to marry for love or for social fulfilment - enter the appropriate formulas. The purpose of this calculator is to provide you with a simple and effective solution.

This may sound fleeting, but in practice it is one of the most important indicators, because if there are Formulas of Misfortune in certain areas of life for the desired city, a person will have eternal dissatisfaction, prolonged depression, problems in the family and with partners. This can and should be changed. With the Formulas of Happiness, a person blossoms before our eyes. It's all about quality of life. Analysis for all countries in the world.

At the PRO level, you have access to ALL SITE SERVICES and you can create an UNLIMITED NUMBER OF PROFILES (i.e. check yourself, your parents, your children, etc.).

Check out the video about AstroCartography and relocation: https://youtu.be/4m7O076iLg4

Here is a summary of the main parameters:

- Purpose of life
- Relationship
- Money
- Social realisation
- Presence of danger
- Conception

Now is the best time to take control of your destiny!

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