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Open webinar: How to manage life scenarios through moving? Relocation.
Our entire Planet is a set of different life scenarios, it is such a canvas on which each of us can move with an understanding of the real significance of this movement - improving or worsening our own life.
The webinar has already passed
How do you know that you are in the best version of your reality?

In astrological science, the 9th house, since ancient times, was considered the house of Providence, help from Above. It is only now that we have been able to better understand the meaning of this statement.

The fact is that it is the 9th house that is primarily responsible for the possibility of moving. And, as it turned out, it is moving and traveling that open up new opportunities for a person, where he can not only “unleash” his potential, but literally move into a different event scenario.

How does this happen in real life?

A person lives, say, where he was born, actively develops and does everything to improve his life. And then he receives an offer to move to another city for work. Then a person has a choice: to use the opportunity or leave everything as it is. As a rule, a person intuitively feels and uses such opportunities, and in this case, moving to a new city, he finds himself in a new branch of reality, where, for example, his income is growing.
If a person easily and intuitively follows the opportunities that life opens up for him through movement, then he will gradually live through different scenarios with an increase in the quality of life. It's like an ascending road.

From birth, a person always has some kind of his own event pattern (the laid down course of Events). And only when moving, this pattern can “shift”. In the best case, a person, moving along an upward vector, will constantly find himself in those points of space where there is better income, where there is more happiness in terms of the quality of living, better relationships, and so on.

But there is another, opposite vector. A person does something wrong in life, persists in something or, on the contrary, is lazy, indulging his worst qualities, and then the Universe can give him a deterioration in the scenario at some stage in his life. And then he flies to rest, goes down from the plane and breaks his leg, for example.

If we follow our destiny and listen to intuition, then we are able to automatically move along the upward vector through crossings (I immediately imagine some tough fighter or master who calmly overcomes all obstacles in his path due to his dexterity and receives the cherished Grail).

But if a person cannot correctly assess the unfolding series of events, does not understand what the move / trip to one or another geographical point will bring him, then it is necessary to calculate it astrologically.

Since each point on the planet Earth has its own coordinates and is mathematically described, as well as the moment of a person's birth.

And our entire Planet is such a set of different life scenarios. It is a canvas on which each of us can move with an understanding of the real meaning of this movement - the improvement or deterioration of life.

It turns out that for myself I can see at what point on the planet I will have a better situation in terms of health, money, relationships, and so on, depending on the original picture and goal.

Thus, the only way to really change your life (event layer) is to move. Moving is the 9th house.

Here is the Hand of Providence or the Help of the Guardian Angel.

At the webinar, we will talk in more detail about how to calculate your Event Series using AstroForYou.org.

Get your questions ready ;)

Important information!

For Australia/ New Zeland the webinar will be on Tuesday, 7 pm local time (Sydney). 
For USA the webinar will be on Thursday at 6.30 pm local time (Los Angeles).