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New calculator - KARMA!

Events taking place in the world involuntarily turn their attention to cause-and-effect relationships, i.e. karma (you reap what you sow). There is a global revolution of the system.
All astrological indicators showed imminent changes, but no one knew exactly how they would take shape on the physical plane.

Now everyone can see it - there is a paradigm shift.

Everything in this world is not accidental and everything is cyclical. Birth is followed by childhood, youth, adulthood, old age and death. Each of us is doomed to go through these cycles, regardless of religion, skin color, nationality and other criteria. We are all subject to the same laws, just as the sun rises and sets every day.

The same applies to every country, people, every era - some flourish, others go into decline.

For example, here we talked about the karmic task of Russia and America: https://youtu.be/mdImiOa62uk

But speaking of global processes, each of us wants to understand: Why am I incarnated on Earth right now? Was it at this epoch-making moment for all mankind?

Probably, except for your Soul, no one will be able to answer this for you ... However, thanks to astrological science and centuries-old research, we can still shed light on many circumstances of the past and find out what specific Tasks your soul faces in this incarnation, as well as:

- How long ago was the last time you were incarnated in a physical body,
- Where were you roughly born?
- In what area of ​​life do your main lessons of the current incarnation take place (for someone it's money, for someone it's relationships, and for someone it's family ties),
- What positive or negative experience did you take with you from past lives,
- What negative karma have you accumulated,
- What subtle spiritual connections have been developed.

The last point is especially important for spiritual practice, since the accumulated channels on the mental/ astral levels connect us with higher or lower forces. It is in our power to develop or cut off certain tendencies. After all, in this life it is they who will lead us to ups or downs.

Our new service - Karma in the birth horoscope: https://astroforyou.org/en/independed/karma/1217232

And here is a large study by the American psychotherapist Ian Stevenson on the topic of the reincarnation of souls: https://youtu.be/PbWMEWubrk0

Recommended for viewing.

Check what your soul has gained in past lives: https://astroforyou.org/en/independed/karma/1217232

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