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Recently, many questions have come to me about Solarium, whether it is worth doing it. Painfully, it became popular in the media astrological space, following the retrograde Mercury;))

As it turned out, not even all professional astrologers are aware of the research in their subject, which over the past 30 years should have turned the idea of ​​Astrology upside down.

Recently, for example, one astrologer (who worked with a client before me) inspired a person that the Local Chart (map of the place of residence) “turns on” only if the person moved in 1-2 years, otherwise he only works with the Natal Chart, and then he is surprised that events are not reflected and finds a lot of excuses for himself.

The truth is that Shestopalov proved (and he delivered this report at a large conference with the support of the UN) that at the moment a person moves to a new city, his Local Map immediately “turns on”.

The initial series of events was laid down in Natal, but when moving, it will be enriched with new events. And if in the Local, for example, there is a danger (which has not been from birth), then it is in this city that he will break his leg or get into an accident.

Events directly depend on the location of a person. And this is the point of correcting the life scenario - through moving!

But now back to the question of Solar.

The Solar Return (Sun Returns) for a given year calculates the exact moment when the Sun returns to the same position as at birth.

In essence, this is our "astrological birthday", which can happen on a different day than our traditional birthday.

This concept would be relevant in the event that we did not know about Shestopalov's discovery, did not work with Local maps, then we would bother with the return of the Sun.

An example for clarity.

So the astrologer tells you that according to the Solar you should go to Dubai to celebrate your birthday and then the whole year will pass under this “Dubai Star”. Well, it's a fairy tale :)

And then you go back and wait for manna from heaven.

Now let me tell you what is really going on.

You already have some events planned for your city of birth, let it be the city of Los Angeles. And in Los Angeles, for example, the picture is worse than in Dubai (say, less money and more danger). You are returning from Dubai to Los Angeles and immediately find yourself in the framework of the events that are planned for LA! And the fact that there was a good deal in Dubai - it stayed there! And next year, living in Los Angeles, you will live according to the LA scenario.

Therefore, a solarium is such a secondary and minor technique that you should not rely on it. It is important where you are physically at every moment of time, and not just on your birthday.

And, dear astrologers, expand your knowledge, read studies so as not to fall into the trap of "ignorance".

And P.S. Work in the Koch house system, it is more accurate than Placidus (proven).

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